Situated in an 51,570 square foot facility, Film Alberta Studio is comprised of a 15,000 square foot soundstage, thirteen (13) production office facilities, underground tank, Carpentry Shop, Paint Shop, Setup Area, Mobile Unit Bay, Film Darkroom, Art Department offices, Props area, nine (9) Dressing rooms, Showers / washrooms, Makeup and Hair, wardrobes (with laundry facility,) Green room, & Kitchen area.

Sound Stage

100 ft. x 150 ft. (15,000 sq. ft.)
36 ft. high open span

Underground Tank

22 ft. x 30 ft. x 8 ft. deep


8,000 AMP
120/208 with Breakdowns


Special Effects

High Pressure Water Outlets
Natural Gas Outlets
Compressed Air Outlets

Support Facilities

Carpentry Shop (Fully Equipped Power & Hand Tools)
Paint Shop
Film Darkroom
Props Build I Storage Area


Art Dept. Offices (adjacent to Carpentry) - Furnished
13 Production Offices - Furnished
Kitchenette/Coffee Room

Dressing Rooms

9 Dressingrooms - Furnished
Showers I Washrooms
Make-Up I Hair
Wardrobe with Laundry Facilities

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